Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Carpenters Square Quilt

we had a really rough beginning of the year.  I found out the reason why you need a termite bond when you live in the south... yes that is right - our house got termites.  Then to top it off my husbands car broke down... TWICE!  Luckily he had a really nice co-worker that let us borrow a car so that I could have the van with the kids and my husband could still get to work.  As a way to say thank-you I made this throw sized quilt for him and his wife.  This quilt was made using the "Carpenters Square" quilt block pattern.  It is machine quilted and bound together.

Pink Lady Bug Baby Blanket

I recently finished a custom order for a "pink lady bug" baby blanket.   The blanket is completely machine quilted, and has soft flannel on the back for the baby to cuddle up with.  Here is how it turned out:

Memory Quilts

Last year at Christmas time I was busy filling custom orders for memory quilts made out of family members clothing.  Here are some of the quilts I made:

This first quilt was a twin size.  It had several items sewn to it that held special memories such as a neck-tie, karate belt, baby bib etc.  Each block on the quilt was bordered using fabric from button up the front dress shirts.  The border was also made out of dress shirts.  This was completely machine quilted and bound together.  This quilt is not machine washable due to some of the items used on it (Namely the tie and karate belt) and is more for show.  All the rest of the quilts on here are machine washable.

The next quilt was a throw sized quilt.:

This quilt was made using knit polo shirts, denim jeans, and sweat pants in the center.  I purchased cotton fabric to use on the borders to help hold everything together.  

The next quilt was also a throw sized quilt.  This quilt was made using t-shits, flannel pajama pants, knit shirts, and clothing labels.  I purchased cotton fabric for the borders.  It is completely machine quilted and bound together.

The next quilt was a lap quilt.The entire top including the borders was made using men's dress shirts and knit shirts.  It is machine quilted together with a stippled pattern in the center and ivy around the outside edge..

If you are interested in ordering a custom clothing quilt feel free to contact me through my etsy shop at

Fourth of July 2013

Since it has been so long since I have posted anything, I suppose I'll start with this years Independence Day dress for my daughter.  I have to say - I didn't realize how much this dress would look like the last one until I was actually sewing it together. LOL oh well.  I have now finished off using all of that fabric and will definitely have something different next year.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4th Dress

It has been a LONG time since I posted to my blog.  I finally graduated from school with my Bachelors Degree in May.  Now I am hoping to be able to start sewing again.  Although clothes are not my strength when it comes to sewing, I decided to try and sew my daughter a new dress for July 4th.  Independence Day is probably one of my absolute favorite holidays by far.  I do have to use patterns when I sew clothes, I am not good enough by far to design my own yet, but I am sure enjoying the practice.  Here is how it turned out: